Macrory Ward

Thanks and Appreciation

Please see below a selection of the complimentary comments we have received.  We have protected our client’s identity in each case, but the originals of each and every one of the comments below (with the obvious exception of the [few] spoken ones) are held in our offices.



24 October 2018

One cannot say better than excellent.  I did feel supported in what inevitably is a stressful and frustrating process, so thank Martina and Marilyn especially for that.  The staff were supportive, encouraging, understanding and obliging”. RH

13 October 2018

"Thank you so much Martina for your email. It gave us a massive lift" PS


10th October 2018

“Thank you for a lovely chat and being very helpful at this time I would highly recommend your services to all.”   PK


4th September 2018

We were extremely grateful for your help today and practically gushing about how brilliant Margaret is.  We both don’t know what we would do without you.”  MK & MK


23rd May 2018

“Very happy with the advice and service received from Martina and all her staff especially their support when times were very stressful for me “ LK


5th May 2018

It was lovely to see you again and thank you so much for making the whole process so painless – now we can relax!!”  BJ & KJ


8th May 2018

"Thank you for sorting everything out for my mother and thank you for your help" LM

2nd May 2018

"Dear Marilyn, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for your calm and attentive support when I was under so much stress.  Best wishes" MC


1st May 2018

"Dear Margaret


Many thanks for your invoice which, I feel, does not do justice for all your work and expense over the past eight months.


It was only catching sight of an email from last September that I realised how long you have been working on this.


Please also thank Martina for her generosity, and remember us to Marilyn.


Following a theme, would you be so kind as to add £65 to our bill, for some chocolates for the office (or M&Ms), leaving enough over for a bottle of champagne (or similar) to celebrate ...... in December. This can only be a small recompense for everything you have done, and Margaret, it has been great fun corresponding with you." MD


17 April 2018

“With many thanks in advance for the most helpful and tactful advice you are always able to offer”. JW


10th April 2018

Felt very looked after and that our case was thoroughly investigated. Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work!  We are so happy with out first new home.” RF & MF

5th April 2018

Marilyn and Martina, - many thanks for your help with this transaction, it has all gone smoothly thanks to you”.  KW

20 March 2018

“I have used Macrory Ward before and would use them again.  I am very comfortable with their approach and confident in their advice.”

The whole process was dealt with in a professional and pleasant manner.  Emails returned promptly and calls made when necessary.  I have always used Macrory Ward when I have needed advice from a solicitor. They have been straightforward, kind and helpful.  I am very confident in their advice.  I have recommended Macrory Ward to colleagues and friends and they have reported the same as I have found.” BK & NB

Financial matter

15th March 2018

"...... [Martina] Thank you so much for your reply.  I have never stopped telling anyone who would stand still long enough to listen how fantastic you were for me...which is why my friend thought of you first...  I am doing so well - enjoying my life (thanks to you) and travelling a lot ......" MS


22nd January 2018

"Many thanks Martina - you and Marilyn could not have been more helpful"  TF

17th November 2017

"Thank you so much.  All has been successful. What a relief!"   MS


8th November 2017

It was good dealing with you and making things very simple.  I must say I have never seen such a neat and tidy office!”. MW



8th November 2017

"Dear Martina........... I would like to thank you again for your kindness and care through the making of our Wills - which we did not know at the time would unfortunately be used so soon - to the finalising of all the legal requirements for Probate. I am truly grateful that I had your calm, sound advice when I needed it most.  With my kindest regards." GC


12th October 2017

"Extremely satisfied as always. Very prompt, excellent - an exemplary service all round".  MW

7th September 2017

“I always appreciate that calls are answered quickly and that signature requests are accompanied by clear instructions”.   EI


15th August 2017

"Dear Margaret, to say that I was impressed with your efficiency and speed in identifying the correct entry on the Central Probate Register for  ...would be an understatement as we were still waiting at the Bus Stop!" RHT

Wills & Probate

2nd August 2017
"Wonderful. Thank you Martina. Another fine transaction...I will have to rename you Miss.100% What is it like to be perfect?" MC


17th July 2017

"It's such a relief it's done. Thank you so much for your hard work, professionalism and, more importantly, care of me as your client." BK

8th May 2017

"My mother adores Martina so hopefully she will take her valuable advice......." PH

Wills, Estates

13th April 2017

"Thank you for your constant support, I really appreciate it" ML

Probate and Conveyancing

6th April 2017

"Hi Martina/Margaret


We hope you are both well?


Firstly thank you so much for all of your help with the probate and dealings with C's estate. We are honestly not sure how we would have coped with all of that if you had not have been involved." RN


February 2017

"Thank you both so much for your brilliance." CO


21st February 2017

"Margaret ....Only trying to match your helpfulness and efficiency! No need of further confirmation." CW

Power of Attorney

February 2017

"There are no words to express my gratitude. THANK YOU." R S-M

Property Dispute

1st February 2017

"Dear Martina....... Thank you again for all you did for me during my troubled times... " TH

Property Matters

27th January 2017

"Dear Marilyn, Thanks for your message and for all your help. An excellent service as usual....." LN


6th January 2017

"Martina... Thank you for your patience with all this - you are quite clearly saintly!" CO


21st December 2016

"Dear Martina, Thank you so much for all your professionalism, hard work and brilliance.......It has been a genuine pleasure working with you and I look forward to growing our professional relationship." CR


14th December 2016

"Martina....We can't thank you enough for your care and sensitivity in what was a very difficult time for us....Dad really appreciated your help and kindness. We wish you a happy and blessed Christmas and New Year." CT


12th December 2016

"Marvellous Margaret strikes again! Thanks very much." RS

9th December 2016

"To everyone at Macrory Ward, we wanted to say 'A MILLION thank yous!' We are now settled in our new homes and looking forward to the future." MS & DS


7th December 2016

"Martina has the patience of a saint!" AB


4th December 2016

"Dear Martina and Marilyn, Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf. We will be in touch once we find the next project." R & MW


24th November 2016

"Just last night I was talking about you...walking past the place you took me to for a cocktail after we got everything we wanted!! And then today ...meeting you...My life is just grand thanks to you... I talk about you and think about you all often. With best wishes for the festive season and always." MS


10th November 2016

"Always Exceptional Service." JN


20th October 2016

"Dear Martina.....Once again many thanks to you all at MW for making our move much less stressful than it could have been. Your good counsel and more than helpful advice made the whole process much easier." M & ES


20th October 2016

"No improvement necessary! M/W's service was excellent throughout the whole process." MS


13th October 2016

"To John..... thanks and such prompt concise action - will now call you Action Man!" JB


5th October 2016

"Thanks Martina and Marilyn for all your help. Fantastic as always."  AR


27th September 2016

"Dear Martina ..... Many thanks for all your help and guidance through this whole process, which for us has been quite a stressful experience. Finally, we're still waiting for you to drop in for that promised cup of coffee!!!" MS & ES


26th September 2016

"Thanks Martina. Looking forward to working with you in the future." SB


20th September 2016

"First class service!" MJB


20th September 2016

"Thank you once again for all your help and careful guidance." SB


13th September 2016

"Thank you both so much. As always come up trumps. One very happy family X " JN


12th September 2016

"Great. Thank you John. If only building work was as speedy as you!" CO

Licence for Alterations

5th September 2016

"Hello Martina, Many thanks for all your help with this. What would we have done without your help over the past 27 years?

I am so very glad that I walked into your office, quite late that evening and you were still in the office, everyone else having gone home.

You sat me down and let me talk, it seems like only yesterday! Thank you for everything....." CV

Contentious Matter

25th August 2016

".....I was very happy with the service I received from Macrory Ward so I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the members of the Macrory Ward team." MO


2nd August 2016

"Hi Margaret and Martina,.....Once again a heart felt thank you to both of you for all you have done." BR


21st July 2016

"It was very nice to meet you and talk to the charming lawyer Martina Ward." LCC


18th July 2016

"Dear Martina, Thank you as always for your warmth and professionalism (a rare combination) in dealing with my need." JLW

Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney

13th July 2016

"Many thanks for the very professional manner in which my late wife's probate was handled and please pass on my compliments to all concerned." RG


4th July 2016

"Thank you for seeing me on 28th June and for the friendly atmostphere of our meeting." IS


28th June 2016

" .....Thank you to all of you for all your assistance over the last few months. I really appreciate how easy you have made it all for me....." EN


1st June 2016

"Martina and Marilyn   .....would like to thank you both again so very much for all that you have done; for constantly keeping me informed, for reassuring me and, as they say these days, for 'having my back'.  It seems increasingly rare to work with people in whom I have complete faith ....but in you I have, and I thank you both"

"From day one I felt extremely confident putting my trust in your practice. You have been efficient, communicative, reassuring and focused on the detail.  It made a refreshing change to feel that my interests were your priority.  You took a vast amount of the anxiety out of a stressful event, for which I thank you." AHT


30th May 2016

"Again, we would like to thank you for your good advice and assistance in getting our affairs in order. It was a very pleasurable experience."GC

Lasting Powers of Attorney

26th May 2016

"Dear Martina, Thank you for your hard work on this. There's no one else I would have trusted" BK

Property Matter

25th May 2016

"Played like a master if I may say so, John...." CD

Civil Matter

13th May 2016

".... you and John excelled as always with your advice and professionalism" JB

Property Matters

15th April 2016

"Good afternoon Margaret, ......I want to say a big thank you to you, Marilyn and Martina, for all you have done for me & my kids, you all have the patience of a saint" SB


31st March 2016

"Dear Marilyn, thank you all again very much for a smooth completion" KW


29th March 2016

".....compared to other conveyancers we have used in the past Macrory Ward were by far the best" JKM & VPL


22nd March 2016

"I can actually say that I was extremely happy with the service; after using two other solicitors concurrently for other matters, I was sceptical about solicitors, but Martina Ward proved otherwise and put my faith back into the legal system" CW & RE


10th March 2016

"Great Martina ....thank you so much, what a great solicitor you areI will highly recommend you" CW


15th February 2016

"Just to say many thanks John for such a prompt and efficient service (as ever)...... your kindness is much appreciated" CD

Civil Matter

10th February 2016

"......... Thank you to you and Margaret for all the help and work you have done so far.  You have both been very efficient, patient and informative.  Thank you again, your kindness is very much appreciated" EN


8th February 2016

"Somehow managed to exceed our extremely high expectations" AS & MK


14th December 2015

"Marilyn was friendly and very helpful" MC


14th December 2015

"Macrory Ward made handling a property transaction from overseas as stress free as possible" ID


10th December 2015

"Dear Martina, Thank you for your email and thank you for acting for me over the sale of our family home.  It's been a personally painful journey but I have appreciated your "no nonsense approach" and for getting the job done so efficiently. HE


10th December 2015

"Dear Martina...... Thank you so much for your amazing support and wise words at a very challenging time...... your empathy and understanding gave me the strength......" SL

Family Matters

1st December 2015

"Well done Martina..... I think this was an unbelievable effort to get this over the line"AB

Commercial Conveyancing

30th November 2015

"Always satisfied with the service of Macrory Ward" RS


18th November 2015

"It has been a pleasure to do business with you as ever"JS

Commercial Conveyancing - this comment from a professional colleague

13th November 2015

"Many thanks for this letter. I am cheered by the fact that Martina is "taking no prisoners" - it is the only way to get through to these people!  C........ admired the tone of the letter immensely!...." CV

Civil Matter

1st November 2015

"....... would like to thank you for your very speedy attention to this matter - great service!" KI


2nd October 2015

"Martina protected our interests throughout whilst helping us to understand each course of action she recommended throughout the process.  This gave us great peace of mind..... Given our own experience, we feel our friends will be in good hands for their own property purchases" (This client recommended Macrory Ward to friends) KP


24th September 2015

"......I am very appreciative of the advice you have given me and do not know how I would have got through this without you" RS-M

Civil Matter

16th September 2015

"......Thanks for all the support you've given my mum during this difficult time.  I know she really does appreciate it" LB


14th September 2015

On email - "With many thanks for all your hard work, consideration and patience carrying out this work for us on behalf of ..{the estate}."  and on a lovely card - " Dear Martina, A few lines to thank you so much for accepting the work on the estate of the late ........  Your standards of work have all been exceptional and I have appreciated your help and guidance." HB


14th September 2015

"May I reiterate my deep appreciation and thanks to all concerned for all the advice and assistance given to bring this matter to its final conclusion." MH


9th September 2015

"Excellent - so helpful and made a completely new process easy for us! Answered any silly questions and were wonderfully helpful and supportive!  Thank you both so much for all the help and support you have given us in a very new and alien process.  It has been really appreciated and made it easy!" LSJM


4th August 2015

"As first time buyers we both thought Martina was fantastic at explaining the process through and making the legals easy to understand" AP


3rd August 2015

"Dear Martina and Margaret ...... I thank you both for your diligence and kind attention during this whole process...." DGD


22nd July 2015

"Service was excellent, nothing to add" PLC


7th July 2015

"Everything was perfect" SG


26th June 2015

"Very happy with the whole service - thank you" RS


22nd June 2015

"..... we have appreciated your efficient and friendly service very much" UD


11th June 2015

"Very professional service .. happy to use again in any other conveyancing matters...most definitely recommend" JN


1st June 2015

"Thank you so much for dealing and completing this matter - smooth and easy" SM

Commercial conveyancing

27th May 2015

"Highly professional service" DK


May 2015

"...... as you can imagine, it's been a very difficult time for my family and your input was very much appreciated..." VY

Family matters

14th May 2015

"Dear Margaret  ........Thank you so very much for your friendly manner and efficient handling of Mother's estate ... I do appreciate it" WC

Probate and Estate Administration

8th May 2015

"Macrory Ward helped us when we were let down by our mortgage lenders and had to seek new solicitors, extremely efficient and helpful throughout.  I was extremely pleased with the service I received" GO


15th April 2015

"[with Macrory Ward] ... you get the feeling you're the only client" MF


2nd April 2015

"Dear Martina and Marilyn, Thank you so much for dealing with the remortgage.  Your hard work was very much appreciated.  Kind regards" PT


4th March 2015

"... I would like to add my thanks to each of you for the smooth and timely manner in which the Grant of Probate and house sale has been conducted" MB

Probate and Conveyancing

25th February 2015

"...Did not patronize and always returned phone calls promptly.  Overall a 'painless' experience and handled very well - thank you!" ECS


January 2015

"I can't fault the service received.  All emails and phone calls were dealt with promptly and procedures explained in a way I could understand.  I felt that Martina and Marilyn had time for me.  ...even though I have moved out of the London area, I intend to continue to have Macrory Ward as my solicitors"VS


3rd November 2014

"......I wish you had an office in Brighton........but I'm so grateful for all your help in the past I really can't contemplate going elsewhere....."AT

General Matters

29th October 2014

"I appreciated the sensitive manner in which you handled the preparation of the Will and I feel relieved that I can have every confidence in how you will carry out your Executrix duties....." MB


22nd September 2014

"My sister ...[SW].. has recommended Martina as a fantastic lawyer...." EW

Civil Matter

4th September 2014

"The level of service received was excellent.  All business was carried out professionally and in a timely manner.  I see no areas where Macrory Ward need to improve" AK


1st September 2014

"Marilyn in particular was very helpful in explaining the legal terms and processes in a manner for a lay-man to understand" IG


29th August 2014

"Marilyn, you're a star, thank you so much for everything.  I know this has been an ordeal and we're very indebted to you for hauling us to the finish line!" PH


27th August 2014

"Outstanding service! Thanks" TM


20th August 2014

"Everything was world class" DP


12 August 2014

"John, Just wanted to say thank you, it's really appreciated!" JC


30 July 2014

“Martina, Thank you so much for all your help with the flat! Honestly you have been fantastic and I am so happy I used your services. You were always calm and made me feel at ease!” (With a lovely bouquet of flowers) DP


29 July 2014

"Dear Martina, We are so grateful for all of your hard work and patience in helping us buy our house. Thank you!" (With a beautiful bouquet of flowers) S-MT&JB


24 July 2014

"Let me take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for your valuable assistance in helping us purchase our properties. The completion was so smooth and stress free. We are very happy and pleased with the service you provided. Many thanks." B&KA


24 July 2014

“Dear Martina, I was absolutely delighted to receive your letter with such wonderful news…I shall allow myself the luxury of allowing this success to waft over me, the relief is immeasurable…I want to congratulate both you and John and the team upon a magnificent result with many thanks to all.” MC

 Tenancy Dispute

30 June 2014

 “Dear Martina, Thank you so much for all your help. It has gone smoothly and we both appreciate your excellent skills and your valuable time.” BA



27 June 2014

 “Faultless and friendly service. No changes needed!” ST


12 June 2014

 “Thank you once again for your professional services and thorough dealings with mum’s estate….you have done us proud.” LM



9 June 2014

 “Dear Martina and John, Thank you very much for all your work on our behalf. Your manner and behaviour throughout confirm to us that we are with the right solicitors!" SZ



15 May 2014

 “As a first time buyer I was offered free conveyancing by the Building Society but refused as I would not have such confidence in any other solicitor.” DS


14 May 2014

 “To Martina, this is a small gift for all the hard work you have done for me. My very best wishes to a wonderful friend.” JS

 Conveyancing and Wills


12 May 2014

 “I received careful, considered and conscientious advice, as well as a really professional conveyancing service. I was dealt with, with the utmost courtesy and kindness. I felt in safe hands at all times! I have recommended Macrory Ward twice in the last month.” FD




7 May 2014

"As always it's a pleasure to deal with Macrory Ward who maintain high professional standards and integrity!" S&ML


11 April 2014

 “Dear John, Thanks. Don’t know how I would have managed without you!” VA

 Lease Extension

9 April 2014

"I would like to thank both your colleagues Marilyn and Martina. I have found them both excellent." LN


14 March 2014

"Excellent service, as ever. Will continue to use Macrory Ward for any future legal matters." NK


13 March 2014

"Dear Martina, Thank you so much for your care and attention in this matter, it was lovely to see you yesterday." JW


7 March 2014

"Thank you for writing my Will and also for coming to my home for my instructions for same. It was lovely to see you again after seven years- you haven't changed a bit. My Will is safe in your office and your fee was very reasonable. Many thanks." PA


14 February 2014

"Just to say a big thanks for the professional assistance from yourself and John.....always professional, excellent and with such a welcoming smile- which alone makes it worth the dramas life brings." DC

Share Sale Agreement

30 January 2014

"Hi both, Just...to say you've been fantastic with dealing with the property and I am very happy that I will have my first good night's sleep in 3 months!" DP


17 January 2014

"Dear Martina, Thank you so much for the characteristic trouble you took with this." CP


7 January 2014

"Dear Margaret...Very many thanks for being so prompt and efficient. Doubtless at some point in the future I will need a solicitor and I will have no hesitation in returning to you and Martina." FE


2 January 2014

"John, would like to thank you for your great service throughout 2013 and looking forward to your support in 2014 and the future. Also to Martina and your great team!" SL


20 December 2013

"Dear Martina, Keep well and always be as kind and helpful as you always have been." J&SL

Power of Attorney

11 December 2013

"Dear Martina, Splendid work, as usual, always appreciated". DC

Lease Renewal

25 November 2013

"Marilyn...Please accept my thanks to you and John for the wonderful assistance you have given during the sale process." JO


22 November 2013

"On a personal note I am so relieved that these final practical matters are coming to an end now and would like to thank you for the way in which you have dealt with everything for us.  We very much appreciate the efficient and sympathetic way in which you, Martina and Marilyn have dealt with these difficult matters." FE


13 November 2013

"John, you're an absolute star ....Thank you so much." CC

 Leasehold Enfranchisement

13 November 2013

"Dear John, Thanks for those most useful comments which make the situation very clear, particularly the distinction between Company and Property law." MG

Lease Queries

8 November 2013

"Dear Marilyn......Thanks for the efficient way you dealt with this matter." JM + HM


6 November 2013

"Thanks for your help getting this over the line...couldn't have done it without you guys." AB

(Also sent a box of chocolates)

Commercial Property Transaction

5 November 2013

"Dear Marilyn, We would like to thank you for all the work you have done over this protracted sale, we are delighted with the house and so happy it went through in the end." MW+ AW


30th October 2013

"Very pleased with the service, I will always use Macrory Ward Solicitors." PA


"Dear Margaret, Thanks to you and Martina for working on our behalf with such kindness and sensitivity-much appreciated." AE


"I have no hesitation in recommending Macrory Ward to family and friends. If I ever move house again I would use them without a doubt." SB


18th October 2013

"I would like to Thank you for the help you gave me and for the kindness shown." CE


16th October 2013

"We could not have asked for a better firm to deal with our house move. Excellent service." HA


3rd October 2013

"Hi John, Many thanks indeed for sorting out M... and her gang. She is absolutely delighted and I am getting a lot of the credit for all your hard work!" MG

Freehold Acquisition

1st October 2013

"Thanks to your tenacity and expertise, we are all delighted to have this sewn up! Almost can't believe it. I have really appreciated your sound advice and quick responses John, you came highly recommended and I now know why." MM

Freehold Aquisition

6th August 2013

"I received excellent service at the time that I purchased the property and would like to know your fee terms now that I have chosen to sell" EL


25th September 2013

"Martina ............  your expertise is most highly revered in all my matters of heart and business" DC

Matrimonial and Business

19th August 2013

"Dear Martina, Thank you very much for your understanding and support during my divorce.  I have greatly appreciated your legal expertise during the whole process" GH


7th August 2013

"Martina, Thank you for your support at this difficult time in my life" PR


2nd July 2013

"......and I am truly grateful to you for your professional and courteous assistance throughout this transaction" PV

Commercial Property Transaction

12th June 2013

"Many thanks for all your help last year as we went through a very difficult period with our family.  You are all stars!" JW


4th June 2013

"It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to our next deal." EI



15th May 2013

"PS  I note your bill – excellent value as ever." DC


22nd April 2013

" Dear John, Thanks for your email. Informative, clear and concise as ever. ......Thank you for your help during the whole enfranchisement process, from your initial reassurance and advice as to the best way forward through to the end of the matter. Please in particular thank Marilyn for always being available and willing to explain things in clear terms when necessary."DS



11th April 2013

"Hello Martina. Thank you for that information. Another great result dealing with you." MC

Lease Extension

28th February 2013

"Fantastic, well done you....." JN


11th December 2012

"John, you have been great to us in the past year and we very much appreciate your efforts.  We certainly look forward to working with you again in 2013.  Wishing you and your team a lovely holiday season!" VB

Property Management

10th December 2012

"Dear Martina, It is impossible to adequately thank you for your contribution over the past year and a half.  Your expert support has been as invaluable to me as I know it was to R...  "  CM


6th December 2012

"Martina  ..... thank you for doing a first class job for us.  Best wishes, happy Christmas and New Year" VG


4th December 2012

"Good morning Martina ....... Thank you so much for a job well done.  J... was right.  You are the best solicitor he has ever come across."  MC


3rd December 2012

"A huge thank you to everyone who has got me through !" SR

(Message on card with gift of biscuits)


29th November 2012

"Firstly thank you to you and everyone there for all your help getting me through the last 14 months" SR


15th November 2012

"Was very pleased with the level of service, professionalism, update and quick reply to questions raised.  Incredibly thorough, Martina goes over issues 'with a fine tooth comb' Will definitely use again and recommend" LL


15th November 2012

"......the Barrister may be good but I feel much better knowing Martina will be there"


8th November 2012

"The service was good and the final costs were reasonable.  So I would just say keep up the good work!" SW



30th October 2012

"Dear Ms Ward, Thank you so much for your advice and thoughtfulness on our behalf" SC


16th October 2012

"J.. and I would like to say thanks for all the work you and your assistants did on our behalf in helping us to sort things out. " BD

Wills, tax planning

11th October 2012

"Dear Marilyn, Thanks for the news, and please convey my thanks to everyone at Macrory-Ward for the very efficient and professional way you have dealt with the whole matter" JW


10th September 2012

"Dear Marilyn and Martina,  Firstly, Id like to thank and commend you once again for being such conscientious solicitors and meticulous with the documentation/replies submitted by ....." LL


10th September 2012

"Dear Martina, thank you so much for the excellent advice you gave me on Friday and for your empathy. I will be very pleased if you would act for me on all matters discussed. My very best wishes to you" RE

Will and LPA

6th September 2012

Dear Margaret,  Many thanks for the way you have dealt with this matter.  I will certainly be in contact on the future when any other matters that require your services are required.  SM


22nd August 2012

"Fantastic Martina! I can't quite believe it's finally happened. Thank you so much for all that you and the team have done, and your patience with what I'm sure has been an irritating case for you!" CH


16th July 2012

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank yourself, Margaret and Marilyn for all the professional help and assistance you have provided up to now, to both my brother and myself over the last few months" TR

Probate and Conveyancing

12th July 2012

....I do know everything you have done (not forgetting the other Ms) is better than best. Please thank John for me, the funds have arrived safely and we were very pleased with the rate he managed to achieve (how I don't know)......Thank you all for being just you.  MD

Various Matters prior to emigration

22nd May 2012

"May I thank you for making a necessary chore so easy and pleasant" ER


14th May 2012

"We received a superb service from Marilyn and the whole team throughout.  The efficiency with which our matters were conducted were in marked contrast to our experiences with other firms who have represented us.  We are extremely grateful."  MP and CP


3rd May 2012

" .....We wanted to express our appreciation to yourself and Marilyn and say a big thank you for the way in which we have been looked after during the sale of ......
We feel we have been very fortunate in having you and your company acting on our behalf, and we will, of course, wish to continue our relationship with the three Ms in the near future when the freehold of ... and our house at ... is put up for sale"


19th April 2012

"Dear Martina, I wish to add, belatedly, my sincere thanks for the speed and efficiency with which you have handled our affairs. Our experience is certainly a tribute to your firm, and I would certainly want to use your services again. Thank you." MP


18th April 2012

"Dear Martina, Thanks for the news. Thanks once again for the excellent job you have done for us. Perhaps you would also pass on my thanks to Margaret and Marilyn whose efficiency and courtesy has contributed greatly" CP


5th February 2012

"Dear Martina, ........... I am sure things will get better from now on. Thank you once again for all your kindness and patience throughout this difficult time. Your kindness has really has made a difference to me."  JW


21st December 2011

"Dear Martina

Firstly, I still cannot thank you enough for very kindly seeing me a little while ago.......

Once again, thank you so much for your help so far and may I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Christmas with health, happiness and prosperity in 2012" AD

Elderly Client Matters

10th August 2011

"Thank you Martina for taking such good care of my mother at a time that may have been very difficult for her.   You have a way of converting these difficulties into ease. God bless you"  MV

Property Purchase

25th May 2011

"Thank you very much for following this up. Please pass on our thanks to all involved in securing our lease extension. 


We intend use the services of Macrory Ward for other matters in  that may arise in the future and will recommend the firm to our friends and colleagues". E & SL

Lease Extension

20th May 2011

"Thank you both for dealing with ..... for me, I am always grateful that you two are such a great team!" RM

Financial Matters

24th March 2011

"Once again thank you for all your help over the past year and please also convey my thanks to everyone else concerned" JS


7th February 2011

"Thanks so much for all your help!    So many friends that have purchased houses moan about solicitors.  I felt rather smug knowing that mine was great!"  TM


28th January 2011

"Hi Marilyn,  I hope you are well. Thank you very much for this, that's great. And thank you also for all your help and advice throughout making the purchase! :-)  

Many thanks and kind regards" SF


6th January 2011

".................. and thank you for acting so determinedly on our behalf.  Your help, assistance and advice are always greatly valued and appreciated"  CV

Financial Dispute

1st December 2010

"Martina, many thanks for your prompt reply, and compliments.  Your ability to be both professional and such a lovely person is achieved by very few". DV


Lease Extension

9th November 2010

"Martina,  Well done – as usual you achieve the end result with a grace and proprietary other solicitors can only envy.  Best regards"  DC

Commercial Lease

14th October 2010

"I wonder what you said to our dear Mr. .................., as the cash appeared in my account on Monday.   Many thanks again for all the effort.  I must say I'm pleased I didn't have to go down the Small Claims Court route.  To be honest, I'd written the money off, assuming they'd gone bust!" AY 

Debt Collection

12th October 2010

"I would also like to thank you and all members of your staff for your help and kindness to me since John died and for the efficient way his estate has been settled.   Kind regards." JS


30th September 2010

" Thanks Margaret. Lovely to see you and Martina again. Martina has certainly seen me through some tricky times in the past and for that I am forever grateful. Kind regards" PO


27th September 2010

"Dear Martina, Thank you for being so courteous and efficient, it makes a difference in life." MT


31st August 2010

"Dearest Marilyn,  Thank you for all your hard and diligent work on helping us sell ........  It has been a pleasure for us to work with you and we will not hesitate if we need assistance with selling our main property "JJ


18th August 2010

"Hey [Marilyn] - you were pretty damn good yourself!   Kept us up to date and cracked the whip where needed, so thank you too!  All the best" M&B


6th August 2010

"John, it was you who was most supportive.   I felt you had a task..........fulfilled with great skill, tenacity and diplomacy." EF

Leasehold Enfranchisement

23rd July 2010

"Dear Margaret, You've been SO helpful............ Again, thank you for everything and wish you well" ES


20th July 2010

"Dear Mr Macrory, You have been great in giving me constant support and encouragement in dealing with the above matter. Thank you once again" CP

Lease Extension


1st July 2010

"We have now received the funds, thank you.
We'd also like to thank you all for your work. You have made this transaction simple, straightforward and (almost) stress-free." RJ


1st July 2010

"Martina, Thanks for your time yesterday; I do believe ........... found it most helpful, I appreciate the kindness and understanding you showed towards us all at this emotionally charged time! "  NJ


23rd June 2010

"Thank you so much for helping me buy my new flat, it was a dream to have everything done so quickly and smoothly.  I know your time is precious."  CH


18th May 2010

“John  -  Another small victory.  Many thanks for your help”. AH

Leasehold Block Management

14th May 2010

"Thank you John for that excellent clarification and written in a way we can use and everyone will understand" CW

Lease Matters

14th May 2010

“ Great to see you again, John, & thank you so much for explaining the ins & outs of will making & tax planning so thoroughly”  ML


5th May 2010

"John  -  Thank you for another good result. Your pen is more powerful than any sword."  AH

Block Management

12th April 2010

"Marilyn, I [would just like] to use this medium to say a very BIG THANK YOU and the TEAM (Margaret and Martina) for a JOB WELL DONE on the property, your effort was faultless,
The  service was very impressive compared to what am used to by other solicitors" DO


29th March 2010

"Martina, thanks for this and many thanks for your excellent service over the whole issue. Your forbearance and persistence in the face of incompetence and inaction from ........ have been exemplary. Thanks too to Margaret for her efficiency and constant support" DM


26th March 2010

"John, you did a good job for me and I am very grateful.  Please accept my warmest thanks and congratulations." CW

Lease Extension

23rd March 2010

"Dear Martina, Just a small thank you in appreciation for your assistance and support again. Kindest regards" SB

The words on a card attached to a beautiful display of flowers sent at the end of the enforcement of a consent order

10th March 2010

"For the peace of mind of having you deal with this matter solely on my behalf is priceless.   I can't thank you enough for your help and understanding in this matter, I was so relieved to have you on board". SB


8th March 2010

"John, I continue to be impressed by the might of your pen........ Many thanks for your prompt help with this potentially difficult issue"  AH

Lessee's Breach of Covenant

4th March 2010

"Many thanks for all your efforts to bring this matter to a swift conclusion. On behalf of all the beneficiaries I would like to thank you and your team." KP


2nd March 2010

"Dear Martina and Margaret - Both myself and [my uncle] are so grateful for all your help and kindness in all our dealings with yourselves, while sorting out my Daddy's estate.  Fondest wishes" GW

Thank you card at end of Probate

1st March 2010



Thank you.  It is reassuring to know that you would be happy to have more instructions from us in spite of all the hassles!!   wishing you all the best" AK


25th February 2010

"It is like coming to see good friends...." DM

The words accompanying two lovely bouquets of flowers at the end of a Probate matter.

17th February 2010

"Many thanks for your help and efficiency ......... It is much appreciated".  JD


16th February 2010

“……many thanks for the quick transaction.  I didn't expect it all to be sorted so quickly.  Once again thank you for all your assistance and understanding.”  GC



9th February 2010

"Hello Marilyn and Martina.  Thank you very much for your support and assistance with everything…. This has been a difficult process for my wife and I due to the complexity of this case but you guys made it very smooth and easy for us…" AC



8th February 2010

" Thank you so much for your e-mail.  It is very helpful to know that I have your support with all of this! " SH

Lasting Power of Attorney

5th February 2010

"..... and I are both more than happy with the service you and Martina have given us......   Many thanks again for your kindness and understanding during this very sad time. " GW


3rd February 2010

"Once again thank you for your able assistance in the sale of above property" EW

Probate and conveyancing

19th January 2010

“Thank you for your attention, consideration and the general manner in which my Father's affairs were conducted. It is appreciated by me and would have been also, by him.”  BL


18th January 2010

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for your service.  We are now happily settled in our lovely new home and can start this brand new year afresh…..” AS


14th January 2010 

“Our thanks to you, Margaret and the team for your help and professionalism.”  JW



4th December 2009

"Thank you for all your efforts upon our behalf..... best regards"  BS


1st December 2009

“…I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for all your assistance in bringing this matter to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion”  RB

Commercial Property Sale

December 2009

"Now that matters have been closed, I would like to thank you both so much for your patience and assistance in 2008/09:   I was very pleased with the outcome which I believe is testament to your hard work and attention to detail.   I have absolutely no doubt that I made the right choice and will continue to recommend your services in the future" SB


25th November 2009


“Many thanks for this, and for your kind attention to my father’s estate and indeed to his affairs when he was alive.” JF


16th November 2009

"Many thanks again for all your help, and also thanks to Margaret and Marilyn" RT


8th June 2009

"Martina ...... many thanks - what would we do without you" TS


22nd April 2009

"John you are brilliant!  Well done and thank you all so much for what you have done to make this possible.  It has been such a struggle for you, but will make all the difference" EB

Collective Enfranchisement

22nd April 2009

"Thank you so much for your hard work and diligence. I cannot imagine a more thankless task, not unlike marshalling a flock of sheep, without a shepherd, a dog or crook. You seem to have achieved a near impossible. Congratulations.. "AF

Collective Enfranchisement

6th April 2009

“Thank you very much for all your help in arranging everything for me” LW


This was a client in Australia whose brother died in England.  Macrory Ward dealt with everything from the funeral through to shipping all possessions out to Queensland. 

4th October 2009

“Many thanks for all your help and support over ……...   Best wishes to you all” JB

Charge over property

22nd January 2009

"Thank you. Do you qualify for endurance medals or even freedom of the City of ........ Sincere thanks for this momentous task"  LF

Collective Enfranchisement

January 2008

“Thank you, thank you, thank you”  MT (the message on a card accompanying a bouquet of flowers).


7th April 2009


“I would very much like to keep in touch …. you were so kind and respectful to Mum, and for that alone I could never thank you enough.  We have been through quite a bit – four purchases, five sales, one divorce, one probate and I don’t know how many wills! …”  JK


Probate, Matrimonial, Conveyancing

28th September 2006

“…..What you have given me in addition …..and which to me at such an emotional time is of inestimable worth, is an empathy, understanding and true goodness……”   GR



20th August 2006

“Just a note to say thank you both so very much for all your help, kindness and professionalism in dealing with Gran and her Will.  It has been a dreadfully hard thing for me to do, but you have both made it much easier” LM